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Social Media Marketing

Our Objective:
Our ultimate goal out of focused social media marketing activities is to achieve results. However, in order to achieve these goals, we’ll make sure that our activities are efficient and focused on specific goals. Through our focused Social Media Marketing model, we aim towards the following goals:

  • Generate more visitors traffic to social media channels
  • Build assets in the form of organic traffic, visits, reach and digital footprint.
  • Gain visibility into key business metrics
  • Number and type of posts compared to the amount of engagement
  • Grow social following & follower/fan base
  • Creating visits and reach though promotion and frequent activity
  • Convert followers/fans into prospects
  • Continuously measure and improve digital performance

The most effective social media marketing happens over time when quality meets consistency. The following list describes each primary area of on-going focus. In order to integrate social networks into their marketing strategies, we have designed & developed an exclusive ‘Social media marketing model’ with the following action steps:

  • Selection of potential social network channel to use:We will identify the appropriate marketing channel for the social media based on the nature of business.
  • Thorough analysis of the existing channel for the insights: In case there is an existing social media channel (e.g. Facebook/ twitter, etc.), we will thoroughly analyze the site to understand the status quo, the insights about the page, have deep study on the trends of posts, images, campaigns, etc.
  • Competitive Intelligence:
    Whether your ecommerce business is new to social media marketing or just need to take your efforts up, competitive intelligence can be really useful. We will conduct a competitive audit of your top five competitors on the social web. To understand:

    The social media sites in which they are active with regular posts & updates
    The type of content they publish on the social page
    The number of followers/fans/views they have on the respective site
    How they promote specific products, programs, offerings or events via social media
    Review keyword rankings of competitors on a regular basis to get a glimpse into their online marketing health

  • Optimizing social media posts:Beginning with quick yet thorough planning/ preparation, we will plan out a detailed, dynamic on-going “social content calendar” to guide you to your marketing goals. We will use high-conversion keywords in your posts to increase their visibility in search and thereby enabling you to reach an even larger audience than your direct followers. We will grow an increasing social audience and follower base through hash tag campaigns, sharing/re-tweeting relevant news, "liking" posts, etc.
  • Adding social sharing buttons in strategic places (in the website/ blogs/ Wikis, etc.):Adding sharing widgets like Facebook’s “Like” button, Twitter, Google+ or even Instagram to all of your product pages can be very useful for attracting customers who are further along in the buying cycle. In addition, the sharing buttons must be placed in prominent areas in your site’s design. For example, enable customers to share their review of a product with their Twitter followers or Facebook friends, etc.
  • Posting Company/ Business Related Updates:Our plan is to engage your social media audience by sharing company news, press releases, events, employee spotlights, and more. We will also pay close attention to industry trends, and share it. This will help to gain exposure with your target market.
  • Promotions and Social Campaigns: We will utilize social channels to connect with your follower base and engage them with promotions to get them excited about both current events, and the brand itself. Campaigns via social media are more important than just sharing about giveaways, sales, contests, and/or promotions. We will be able to analyze the results from each campaign, and then we will provide a report of its success.
  • Interacting with the followers/ fans: Social media is the perfect platform for interacting directly with viewers and customers. We will monitor posts and engage with them on a daily basis to ask questions, respond to their comments, conducting quizzes, thanking them for sharing your content, and participate in discussions. It’s a great way to show you truly care about them and are interested in serving their needs, which can go a long way towards building trust and shortening the sales cycle. Here are a few ways to promote engagement.
  • Effective Visual content: Image-based content is naturally more engaging than text-based posts, images, Infographics, videos, info-animations, etc making it perfect for marketing your business on social media. In fact, studies show that using images is the most important tactic for optimizing social media posts. With our creativity, we will design images based on movies, occasions, seasons, tourist places with relevance on your product.
  • Sustained monitoring: It is important to regularly maintain marketing activity for maximum growth. We will continually monitor each channel, and will respond to any questions/comments/posts within given period.
  • Analytics:We will provide you with social media analytics through which you will understand the follower/ fan growth, reach, demographics, comments, "likes", shares, re-tweets, etc.
  • Reporting: We will be summarizing various results and activities over each quarter. We will also set up a meeting to go over the results, to then tweak our approach accordingly.
  • Assessment: We will work to improve are as follows: use of more consistent promotional campaigns, use of photo marketing/info-graphics, and using analytics to demonstrate effective social media marketing. By analyzing the current successful marketing trends, such as; use of key words, creating interesting info-graphics, and interacting with the audience in a fun and professional manner will be useful ways to get started.

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